The Blog

There are a lot of book blogs, and expressing what one is fond of reading got more complex, in my opinion. What I’m doing by joining the bandwagon, is to have fun and share my thoughts on the books that I’ve read. All of my reviews can be found here and at Goodreads.

Just to be clear, I am not a paid book critic. I do this for fun. I also am not a serious book critic. I review based on how interesting I find the book and how I can relate with the story and the characters.

I’m currently starting this blog, so all of the books featured (and/or will be featured)  here are those I have owned already or those that I have in my “to read” pile. I wanted a book blog that will feature the contents of my personal library as well as share those that I really enjoyed reading.

Update (2015-11-10):  For cozy mystery fans, my cozy mystery blog is at The Cozy Mystery Junkie. Reviews of all cozies will be now posted there and linked here.

The Review

I review a book based on 2 points: interest and relevance. For series, I review the first book first and continue if I liked the first one enough. My ratings guide is like this (rating image courtesy of http://freedesignfile.com):

5-rating  – I loved the book! Enough said.

4-rating – The book was interesting, I really liked it.

3-rating – It was okay.

Most of the books in my list are those I’ve found interesting at first sight  or those I’ve picked on a whim, so the lowest is a “3”. (I’m going to add a “2” and a “1” when I do begin reviewing other books.)


I had always been reading since I was little. I didn’t have much in the way of toys and other forms of entertainment, but I had books in return. I hang out regularly at our school library, and most people gave me books as presents. Whenever I’m bored, either while waiting in line or simply waiting, I read.

I like to read young adult fiction, romance novels, fantasy, chick lit, and cozy mysteries, among others. I also read some mysteries/crime/thrillers and some science fiction. It all depends on whether or not I’m interested in a certain book.

In real life, I am a struggling office employee and a law student, thus my erratic blogging schedule.

I watch anime, read manga and get immersed in history, seeing that it’s a treasure trove of stories.


Contact me (for anything related to this book blog) below:


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